We were so happy to ring in 2020. Remember when we were all complaining about 2019? You remember. Right? Here we are towards the end of July and I feel that our new normal is nothing like we anticipated back when we hated 2019 so much.

We now can't leave our house without a mask. We still don't know which places require us to wear one...and which ones don't really care. So we are trying to figure all of this out.

So we are bound to run into some situations in 2020 that we are not quite sure how to handle. Heck you may have already experienced some of these. I know I have. How about that person who is wearing a mask but not the correct way. I know I have seen this....they have it around their neck or even on their face but not covering their nose. Have you seen that?

There are ways to address that without being a jerk. I mean you could casually tell them that "hey their mask is slipping." or even pull up your own mask as a sign. I mean that may even be easier.

We all see it. People who think all of this is a hoax. How do you feel? I mean come on. So what do you do? Ignore them on social media. Scroll past it all. That really is the easiest. Don't engage. Regardless how you feel about the situation just move on. Really for the sake of everyone,

OK....so Texas opened up....and then they scaled back. So of course you have family and friends who think the whole pandemic is over. We know that is not the case. We still have cases. Oh and Governor Abbot closed the bars back down and limited the restaurants. So what is the deal? Are we good to go out and do whatever we want? Can we go into Moondoggy's without a mask. I mean....well no. We still need masks....we still need to social distance. I mean this is the safest for everyone.

We still need to keep our immune system up. We need to abide by everything the scientists are saying. They are the ones who really know. Even if we wear a mask and people think it is stupid....guess what? We really are much better off for doing so. Really. Let's all be smart and end this all.

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