I love naps. I love to rest. Nothing screams a great day for me than those days I don't have really anything to do so I can rest. It really helps me to recharge. I do love going out to Bubba's 33, X Steakhouse or Cask and Cork with my friends. I love those days too but I still need a day to myself.

Even if I don't actually go into a deep sleep it's OK. I just need time to relax. I love rest. It doesn't even matter what kind of rest. I love them all. Once a month I will take a day and go and get a massage. That just laying there and making sure my phone is off is great.

I work many hours. We all do. So taking some time for mental rest is important too. That can be the time that you shut off the computer from working and maybe heading outside for a bit. Nothing is better than that sunshine hitting your face. It sure makes you feel recharged.

We also need to take a break from our computers a few times a day. We have sensory overload. If we don't take a break from the screen. Whether it is your computer, i-Pad or phone screen it is important for you to step away. If you don't especially before bed you may end up having a hard time going to sleep for the night.

During the holidays you may have noticed that you need a different kind of rest. There is a type called emotional rest. It sometimes wears you out being around so many friends and family. We love them. We really do but sometimes we can just really feel overwhelmed.

No matter what kind of rest you really need just make sure you take the time to get a little bit of all of them. We will all be better people all around.

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