We have known for a long time that this election was going to be interesting, to say the least. It definitely has. We have seen temper tantrums, interesting looks being given back and forth, and a fly.

We still have a few weeks and maybe even more before all this madness is done. Even if you early voted or plan too you know the phone calls, texts and Facebook posts are still going be there to drive you crazy. I wish Facebook had a "I Voted" feature that once you vote you click the button and you don't have to see anything else about it. Of course they don't. Oh, and if they did I feel people will still complain. It's how we are I guess.

So how can we deal with all this craziness? Well first of all we need to not fight about our differences. I can't convince you to see things my way and you can't convince me to see things your way. It's just life. We are all different. We believe what we believe and nobody will ever be able to convince someone else to vote their way just by a Facebook post anyway. So can we just all agree to disagree? It's not worth losing friends over all of this. We should be better than that.

Now is probably the best time to also limit our social media time. We can make sure we see less fighting by just staying away. Oh and if we don't and we see something we disagree with what can we do? How about keep scrolling. You don't need to join in on the fighting. Just please move on. You can also keep the TV off of anything political. I promise you will feel better.

Finally you should take some time to just relax. Get outside and take a walk. Enjoy the Texas Panhandle fall weather. You can also spend time talking with a friend. Just make sure you stay away from talking about  the election.

You can make sure you get through all of this as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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