I have always been a person who had dreams. By that I mean literally when I went to bed. For the most part I would remember them. I seem to be having more during this whole covid-19 episode.

How about you? Are you dreaming more? Or are they turning into more of a nightmare situation. Most of mine are work related. I guess that makes sense. I will be at the radio station and the song ends and nothing happens. Just so you know that is a common nightmare. Or since we are running all of our music off a computer how about the computer crashing? Or all the music missing. I actually lived that nightmare once.

It seems a lot of our dreams, or nightmares, now are a lot more vivid. We are dealing with an unprecedented time so it just goes to show that the stress we are feeling is creeping into our nighttime.

What can we do to help ease our stress a little bit? Well we need to be on a routine. Living a life of havoc compounds the stress and makes us have crazier nights. If we stick to a routine as much as possible it will make our lives easier. Oh and our nighttime a little more peaceful.

It would help for us to stay off of our computers before bed. The less of the crazy stories we read the better our dreams will be. If you read a story about doom and gloom before bed you are more likely to dream about just that. So go to bed with peace and calmness and your dreams will follow.

If you are working from home you need to make sure that your desk is not in your bedroom. You need to keep the two areas as separate as possible. It makes it easier to have a work nightmare if you bring work to bed with you.

Just get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Sunshine gives you the vitamin D that you need. Sunshine just makes you happier. It's hard to have crazy nightmares if you are happy. So just do it! Get outside and enjoy part of your day.

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