We have talked about how work burn out is a real deal. Doctor's are soon going to be able to diagnose such a thing.

It is getting so bad that according to a new survey a staggering 91% of people say that yes, in fact, they feel at least a little burned out at their job right now. It is no surprise because their bosses even know it. A whopping 96% of bosses say yep their employees are showing signs that they are burned out.

If you were to ask on a scale of 1 to 10, the average person ranks their burnout as a 5.6. Would you agree with that? Would you go a little higher? Or are you one that thinks that is a little high?

What is causing all of this burnout? Here are some of the top offenders.

Do you find being interrupted during work a problem? I mean you are trying to get stuff done and your phone rings.....or someone walks in your office. Now if it something important, great. Sometimes they call or stop by just to chat. Nothing is more frustrating than that when you have a deadline.

Another big offender to burn out is an unmanageable workload. Oh yeah, I feel that! Nothing stresses you out more than them constantly throwing more and more on you. Yes, they know you will get it done....but then you find yourself not being able to turn it off. You have to constantly work and check emails. That doesn't help you not to just say forget it!

Just being in a toxic culture can make you lose it. Everyone is so negative. They are all overworked and it doesn't seem to be getting any better any time soon. What do you do?

So you know you are burned out. You can just feel it. Do you see that it may get better? You have to look out for your health. If you don't do something about it now.....things can be worst for you in the long run. It may be time to look elsewhere if you don't see an end in sight. Now if it is something that you know will get better in time and you just need to ride it out.....do so. Just don't ignore it.

Have you ever been burned out? How did you manage it? Comment below.


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