You go to work every day. You sit at your desk. Now it doesn't matter where that desk is these days. You may still be working from home. You are thankful for your job you really are but sometimes you think how boring it can really actually be for you.

The good news about that is that actually helps you out as you are getting older. Have you ever taken any of those fun brain power quizzes you find online? If you work a desk job chances are you will do better on those than your friends in more physically challenging jobs.

You will be much better with your memory. You will be more focused and ready to pay attention. Oh and even your reading ability is a lot more on the improved side. It turns out that those so called "boring" desk jobs are more mentally challenging than those jobs that rely on your muscle a little bit more.

I guess the best takeaway is to try to turn your job into a little bit of both. Yes you may still have that same "boring" desk job but you can also get up and do something physical too. You can be the one to change out that heavy water bottle. You can go and offer to pick up the mail and big packages. You know something that not only uses your brain but also puts your muscles to the test too.

This is what could definitely be found as a win-win-win. You win with your memory and mental capabilities. You also get to moving a bit so your body gets a little bit of work oh and your company gets all that work done too.


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