I know we think that it is only during the summer months that we need to stay hydrated. That sun can do a number on you. Oh, but so can the alcohol. Our alcohol intake seems to increase during the holiday season.

There won't be as many company Christmas parties but there will probably still be plenty of opportunities to have a drink or two. We are told to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. How often do you accomplish that? Well if you are partaking in extra alcohol this time of year it is to your benefit.

Even if you only add a glass or two a day of water it is better than nothing. When you have the water that your body needs you just tend to feel overall better. You wake up feeling a lot better than when you don't.

If you aren't staying hydrated you end up feeling a lot more exhausted. Try it. Drink the water you body needs and see how much more energy you have. That water can make the difference between a bad day at work and a great one. Your body thanks you in many ways when you have the water it craves.

Do you notice how much better focused you seem to be? The power of water. It helps your body and mind. Water can help you feel a lot more optimistic. It is the difference between feeling happy and just wanting to crawl into bed.

Did you even realize how much power water really has? Try it out for a week. Drink water. Drink plenty of water. See how much your body rewards you for it.

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