Sometimes the toughest thing you can do is get yourself ready for a presentation at work. Maybe you have to lead a meeting. It takes you out of your comfort zone.

How do people do this all the time. You are already nervous and highly stressed. Well there is something you can do to help you get prepared. Put on your game face. You need to take a second to yourself and tell yourself you can do it. Scream into that mirror if you need to.

You need to have that look of determination. You do this and guess what? It can help you perform better. It helps you perform those cognitive tasks. It also helps you recover from stress.

You need to be ready for that meeting. You need to be sharp. Getting game ready will help you. Breath in and out and just scream at yourself words of encouragement. I suggest you do this at home....or in a private bathroom. Whatever you need to do to get you pumped up and ready to face that room full of people.

Are you good at giving presentations? Are you OK getting up in front of a group of people? Comment below.

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