Living up or growing up in an area, you find some of your favorite restaurants.   It could be because of the food.  It could be because of the atmosphere.  However, it stays with you and it lasts and once it is gone, you crave it.  That's what it was like for one local Mexican restaurant that was a go to here in Amarillo.

That restaurant was Santa Fe Mexican restaurant.   I remember as a kid, we would drive to Amarillo for the day and we would always eat at the Santa Fe.  It was located at the corner of 34th and Coulter (where Public House currently resides).  I loved the restaurant as a kid and even as a young adult.  I do miss it.

I remember we would always go and one of the things that we would order would be the Taco Tray.  They would bring it out and it would be all the ingredients for tacos and you would build your own.  It was great.

Plus, they had the best advertising.  They used cartoon tortilla chips to advertise the restaurant.  It would be a place on a celebrity.  For the life of me, as I write this, the only one that comes to mind is The Dixie Chips, it was a spoof or The Dixie Chicks, who at the time were still extremely popular.  Plus, all the jalapeno and bean, spoofs.  It was great.

Terry Pedigo/G&P Associates
Terry Pedigo/G&P Associates

So why am I bringing up the memory of this restaurant?  Well it looks like there is huge possibility that the Santa Fe could be reopening.

There is talk here on FB of many people wanting my cousin, Kevin Oliphint to come back and open the SantaFe Mexican Restaurant again here in the city. Evidently that place was very loved while it was open.I think it would do well here now better than ever! I need your opinions!

So if you would love to see Santa Fe Restaurant back in Amarillo and reopened then make your voice heard.  Go tell them yes, we want it back!!

Now that this is a possibility, what other restaurant would you like to see back in Amarillo?

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