Last weekend I made the trip to visit my daughter in the Dallas area. The main reason? We decided to buy her a new couch. Now she moved out of my house almost four years ago. When she moved out she didn't have a couch.

She inherited one that was a funny story. I made a comment and she actually listened. I was joking but she didn't realize it. So she and a roommate were moving in their new apartment one day when her next door neighbors were moving out. They abandoned the place and by the sound of things they weren't too happy.

I went by to check out the place as they were decorating. The apartment had a weird sized shower and so it needed a weird sized shower curtain. Heck I didn't know where to locate one. I couldn't even find it on Amazon. Not something I thought I would ever say.

I noticed when I walked in that the neighbors apartment door was standing wide open from when they moved out the day before. So I suggested let's look next door and see what they had up in their shower. They weren't coming back so might as well. They had exactly the shower curtain rod we needed.

As we were leaving I said "hey you should take those couches". They were nice. Really I was just kidding. The next day when I was talking to my daughter she said she was cleaning their new couches. I asked where they came from and she mentioned she took from the neighbor's abandoned apartment.

Again, I was joking but I think it did help the apartment manager out. One less thing they had to clean up. So she has had these couches for over 4 years and it was about time she needed to get her own. So we went to Nebraska Furniture. Wow is that place overwhelming.

We searched through all of the couches they had and settled on a grey sectional. Which is what she wanted. We also were able to sell her "borrowed" couches online and now she is just waiting for the new ones to be delivered.

We also spent y time there hanging up curtains in her living room and kitchen. Oh and she needed lights out on the porch. It was a nice and relaxing trip. Oh even though I had some work to do as well.


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