I will say that this has been some of the craziest times I have ever remembered. We have had other trying times (9/11 and 2008) but this seems right up there.
Most everyone who can is working from home. There is a toilet paper and Ramen Noodle shortage for whatever reason.
Travel is discouraged. I understand why. I have already cancelled a flight I had for this evening. I am trying to be responsible but I still have to travel.
You see my daughter's lease is up. She already found a new place and we have to move her. Her roommate is moving out and she sure can’t afford to stay in the same place whiteout him paying his half. She has to move. Mom has to help her.
Luckily I work for a company whose core value is Family First. So while they discourage travel they are not telling me I can’t go help my daughter. This is important. Because I can not NOT be there for her.
I am working from home now and will have to continue for 14 days after I get back....but it’s something I just have to do. My daughter is counting on my help. Let’s just hope the moving company still shows up. Otherwise we will have a whole lot of other issues ahead of us.
So here is to safe travels when I get off the radio this morning. Oh let's also keep our fingers crossed that the movers do not have to cancel on us. I am not sure what I would do if that becomes a thing.

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