Fall in the Texas panhandle brings, football, Kids Inc soccer and the Amarillo Chamber Of Commerce's Good Time Celebration BBQ cook-off. There are ribs, as far as the eye can see, some with sauce-some dry. How do you like yours?

Fans of BBQ sauce fall into two categories, Sweet or Tangy. If you travel a lot and eat BBQ while on the road, you've probably encountered the sweet BBQ sauce. It's popular outside of Texas, in BBQ joints in Missouri called "Kansas City" sauce.

Texas tangy BBQ sauce, uses little or no sugar, lots of vinegar, chili powder, and black pepper. It goes well on everything like ribs, brisket, and sausage. For Texans who love everything hot, this sauce can be spiced up easily, Add more chili.

Some people like their ribs dry with no sauce at all. Others will slather their ribs while smoking them or pour the sauce on when they are ready to chow down.

I'm from the "less sugar-more vinegar" camp. The perfect rib for me, was hit with a nice dry rub before smoking, and using the sauce for a dip.

What about you? Are you a slather kind of fan, or do you like them naked? How about the sauce? Sweet or spicy? Let us know in the comment section below!

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