We are in a time crunch. We may have a great vacation planned. Maybe we just really want to fit in a bathing suit we bought. Whatever the reason we need to get in shape.

There are a couple of months before summer officially gets here so we do have the time to do it smart and safe! We just have to want to do it.

We may just want a little boost in our confidence that losing a few pounds would do for us. Not only will it boost our confidence but it will also help our over all happiness. A smile on our face is definitely the work that is required.

A few ways we can try to get in shape is to try to avoid sugar and all those delicious fried foods. Saying no to some of the bad carbs we face. Saying yes to some of the healthy fats like avocado.

It's also good to drink more water. Cutting down on the alcohol too. This is so something doable. Did I mention walking? I mean even if it is walking at a brisk pace from our car to our desk and getting up every hour or so to walk around our office. Whatever we can do to stop sitting so much would be much appreciated.

If you can go ahead and take the stairs every chance you can. Not only can it be faster than waiting for an elevator....but it is also better for our health.

Work is such a hard place to avoid all the snacks they have laying around. You have to do it though. Go ahead and pack some healthy alternatives. Grab some fruit, a hard boiled egg and some nuts to have around when the urge to snack hits you.

There are two months or so before summer hits. So you got this. Do you have any other tips to get ready for the summer? Comment below.

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