Do you have coffee the first thing in the morning or maybe you get your first cup when you get to work? Either way you start your day off with coffee.

Oh and a lot of people do. I feel I am in the minority but I do know its importance for a lot of people.

The best part though is the health benefits of having that coffee. It's just darn right good for you!

A study by the American Heart Association says that drinking coffee could reduce the risk of heart problems. There has been research that found that each cup of coffee decreases the risk of heart failure by 7% and the risk for heart disease by 5%. That is some good news right there.

Even better news is a study that was conducted by the American College of Cardiology that says that drinking three cups of coffee a day could also reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke by 13%. The reason is because caffeine counteracts a chemical associated with heart arrhythmia.

Coffee is not just good for your heart. How about if it can help your liver too? Well a study by the University of South Hampton says that drinking coffee reduces your risk of developing liver cancer! Just drinking two cups could reduce your risk by 35%.

So there is a lot of good news for you coffee drinkers. Oh and if you can drink it without all the cream and sugar then there are even more health benefits. Like all the weight gain and sugar high.

So drinking coffee has more benefits than just making you more bearable to be around. That is a huge benefit for everyone around!

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