Are you one of those that needs copious amounts of coffee just to get you moving in the morning. Are you in need of more than that one cup?

Do you need 2 - 3 before people can actually start to talk to you at work? Do you sometimes feel that maybe you are drinking WAY too much.

Well if you are in worries that your heart may randomly explode you are in luck. You are relatively safe. There was a new study done in London and it found that you can actually drink an obscene amount of coffee on a daily basis.

Great you think. The research concluded that you could safely drink up to 25 cups a day without any extra risk. You won't have to worry about those arteries hardening or increasing your chances of a stroke happening or even a heart attack.

Twenty-five cups seems a bit extreme. It really does. With all that being said just because you can safely do that doesn't really mean it is a good idea. I mean you don't want to push the envelope so to speak.

Just know that if you NEED to drink many cups of coffee up until lunchtime to make you bearable, well you are probably safe. I just really wouldn't make a habit of drinking much more. Better safe than sorry.

How much coffee do you drink a day? Comment below.


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