When they say there is a National Day for everything. I was excited to see this one. Today is National Single Parent's Day. There are a lot of us out there.

As most parent's I never planned on being a single parent. I didn't. It was never something I wanted for my daughter. I grew up that way. So it broke my heart to raise her alone.

It was something that I had been doing since she was 2 years old. We do what we have to? Right! I know I am not the only single parent out there. I say parent because some are single mom's and some are single dads. They are all just doing the best they can.

I think I tried to overcompensate for being the only parent by throwing her over the top birthday parties. She always had a big time. She had all the best toys. Stuff I would have never dreamed of having as a kid.

She was the one who had her own ball pit. Her own bounce house. Her own water slide. I guess I always wanted my house to be the "cool house" so that all her friends wanted to hang out at my house. Oh and it worked!

Faith would on occasion go over to her friends house....that did happen. Let's be honest most of the sleepovers were with me and that made me SO happy.

She played all the sports. Years of sports and travelling from one location to another; soccer, cheerleading, basketball, track and finally settling on volleyball. We had many road trips. Great times to bond.

I took her to concerts. Took her on great vacations.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Some times I sit back and think maybe I shouldn't have spoiled her so much. Then I sit here and think she is moving to Dallas next weekend. Something I would have never been brave enough to do on my own. So I feel I did OK.

The best thing is we do the best we can with our kids. We doubt ourselves all the time. We were young. We didn't necessarily know what we were doing but we made it. Our kids did too!

Kudos to all the single parent's out there! You have, and are, doing a fantastic job! Love on your children and enjoy the short time you have with them! Be proud when they move out and on with life! That means you did a dang good job!


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