Weight is a funny thing. Not a ha ha funny. Some times of the year you lose it and everything is good.

Then the holidays come upon us and we know....we really know we are going to gain.

It is so frustrating. There is bad news for those of who are guilty of this yo-yo dieting.

Studies have been done and they found out that people who lose and regain weight on these types of diets are far more likely to die from a heart attack or stroke.

If you keep an even weight, even if that weight is a bit overweight...it is better for you.

The problem is that gaining and losing weight does put some strain on your heart. You get to an ideal weight and it doesn't have to work as hard as it does when you put on the pounds.

Of course shedding extra pounds and keeping them off is the goal for many people but many people find that restricting their diets really do leave them worse off.

So let's all come together and take that extra precaution to not restrict our diets but to also say good bye to those yo-yo diets for once and for all.


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