Today we celebrate National Spaghetti Day.  A day of that delicious pasta covered in sauce and the occasional meatball.   Spaghetti is one of those dishes that is loved by many. 

I remember growing up as a kid, my mother used to always make the boxed Kraft Spaghetti Dinner for us when it came to spaghetti.  That's what I thought spaghetti was, and I liked it, I still eat it on occasion, but it wasn't until I had a real spaghetti dish with meatballs at a restaurant that I realized that spaghetti was so much more.

Here's some great places in Amarillo where you can get a big plate of spaghetti to celebrate National Spaghetti Day

spaghetti with tomato sauce

They have a build your own spaghetti plate starting at just $6.99 on their dinner menu.  Add meatballs, sausage or marinara sauce for $8.29. They also have a Baked Spaghetti Plate for $9.29

Macaroni Joe's has some great spaghetti dishes.  Try their Confetti Spaghetti, it's a spicy spaghetti with olives, feta cheese, artichokes, tomatoes, red onions, garlic, and herb olive oil.  It's on their dinner menu for $12 or you can try the Chicken Spaghetti.  This dish includes diced bell peppers, onion tossed in their spicy Alfredo sauce for $12.

Try their spaghetti with your choice of marinara, homemade sauce, mushrooms, tomato sauce, meatballs, sauce, meat sauce or garlic and oil for $8.95.  Additional toppings are $2.25.  You can try the Spaghetti with garlic, oil and mushrooms for $9.95.

If you are ordering a pizza from Pizza Planet make sure you order up a dish of their spaghetti, you can get it with or without meatballs.  Plus it comes with their amazing bread sticks.

Try their Spaghetti Carbonara with mushrooms, black olives, Canadian bacon and covered in a creamy sauce for $9.99 or just try their Spaghetti for $7.99.  You can choose from meat sauce, mushrooms, Italian sausage, marinara sauce.

Where is your favorite place to get spaghetti?

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