It's turning out that a list of what actually is still happening event wise in 2020 should be the way to go. Most everything is being postponed. I get it. Too much uncertainty and with all the months and months of planning it is something you need to get ahead of.

So the announcement came out yesterday from the Canyon Chamber of Commerce:

We are very sorry to announce that the 2020 Canyon Chamber Chowdown BBQ Cook-off will be postponed until 2021. We are disappointed, but feel that this is the right decision for our community. Thank you for your understanding and support of the Canyon Chamber of Commerce. - Canyon Chamber Staff & Board of Directors

I know a lot of people who traveled down to Canyon for this one day event. All the great BBQ and live music. It was a fun evening at the First United Bank Center. Again Covid struck. It has already taken its toll on the Tri State Fair, the Amarillo Chamber BBQ and of course all of the festivities we looked forward to in the summer for the 4th of July.

It really has been a bummer but totally understandable. I know we have all been hoping for a much better fall and the return to a lot of normalcy but it looks like we have to wait a little longer.

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All I can tell you is that 2021 is probably going to be known as the party year. After everything we had to sit back and watch cancel in 2020 I know we will all be ready for all the events next year.

I sure hope that Amarillo and Canyon make sure they have plenty of open space for everyone who is going to show up to everything in 2021.

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