Such a great thing that we at Townsquare Media get to be a part of at this time of year. It’s our annual Miracle on 34th Street Giveaway. We started taking nominations back in November. Then the hard part came. The great folks at Chauncey’s had a team together to help award a winner.
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So Saturday afternoon the Chauncey team and a few of us from Townsquare Media drove down to Canyon to let the family know that they won.
It was such a great thing to be apart of. We started by dropping presents off on their porch for the whole family. The kids all will have some great things to open up on Christmas morning. Thanks to the big hearts of the people at Chauncey's Automotive.
Thanks of course to 2020 and the days of social distancing we couldn’t be up close and personal. So with our masks on and the family on the porch we also let them know that they were the family that won the SUV. Now this  is not just ANY SUV. They are receiving a 2008 Chevy Suburban Z71 with a brand new Jasper Engine. The big prize. Up until that moment the family had no idea. It was great to know they were smiling underneath those masks Check out the video.
 What a great feeling to be part of this blessing that the family needs. They will actually take ownership next weekend and have the vehicle, the car title and insurance paid for too.
What a great feeling it was and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Travis and his family.

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