Earth Day is coming up this Friday and if you're looking for a project to work on to give back to the Earth, then have we got a project for you.

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You can help clean up areas in our city.

Not only is Earth Day this Friday, but the City of Amarillo is celebrating National Neighborhood Cleanup week.   Which means it's a win/win for our city.

“A great way to celebrate Earth Day is to help make our city a little cleaner, if not safer, by disposing of trash and waste,” said COA Director of Public Works Donny Hooper.

It surprises me, just how cluttered with trash our city gets.  Especially in certain areas.  People just think it's ok to go and dump their stuff in random places for other people to clean up.  Not only is it rude, it is also illegal. In this case, one man's trash is not another person's treasure.

I'm proud of the city we leave in, and it's great we can be a part of keeping it clean.

To help with clean-up week and Earth Day, the City of Amarillo is providing roll-off locations for trash and waste.  They will be available at the following locations

  • Bones Hooks Park, 2000 N. Hughes St.
  • Amarillo Public Library East Library, 2232 S.E. 27th Ave.
  • Eastridge School Park, 1314 Evergreen St.
  • San Jacinto Park, 100 S. Louisiana.
  • Amarillo Public Library Southwest Library, 6801 S.W. 45th Ave.
  • Thompson Park, 2401 Dumas Drive.

“The roll-off locations help provide a quick and convenient way for residents to clean up their neighborhoods.”

Keep in mind, that the City of Amarillo offers this amazing thing for large items that won't fit or don't belong in a dumpster and especially not next to a dumpster.  It is their Bulky Item Pick-Up.  It's really easy to use, you call 806-378-6813 and schedule a pick-up.  Then, you leave the large item on the curb and they bring out their big truck with a claw-type crane, pick it up and poof, it's gone.

It's almost magical.  You don't have to find a way to get it to the dump, and you aren't trashing our alleys.

Grab your friends, your co-workers, your clubs or your family and make a plan to help clean up Amarillo.

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