I am a fan of all things spicy. The spicier the better. Anytime I go out to eat I look for that option. Sometimes I know it is going to make my stomach hurt later on but I am OK with that. For that short time that I get to eat the spiciness I am in heaven

When I go to Asian restaurants I always get and use a ton of that red pepper sauce. As I head to a Tex Mex or Mexican Food place I always get tons of jalapenos. If your restaurant has a spicy hamburger with habanero you better believe I am trying that too. I am all in when it comes to the heat.

I do love me the spicy chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-A. It is one I usually get the only problem is I also like the grilled chicken sandwich too since it is a bit on the healthier side. So trust me when I saw this news recently I couldn't help but get excited.

Chick-fil-A has decided that spice is the way to go. They introduced a new sandwich. They are letting the grilled chicken sandwich get a little facelift. They are making a spicy version. Life is good.

credit: Chick-fil-A
credit: Chick-fil-A

It hit the menu yesterday but it is for a limited time only. So if you love the spice like I do make sure you give it a try. I sure plan on it. You can order it in their drive thru or through their app. It's a good day for a lot of us.

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