If you live near the Chick-fi-A on Coulter and you noticed that last couple of days that they seem to be keeping different hours you are not alone. Yes, you can still get your favorite chicken at that location. You will just have to make your final purchases a little earlier in the day.

They have made the decision to have reduced hours this week due to a staff shortage. So you can still drive thru the location at 4510 S Coulter but they will only be open from 8 am until 4 pm.

credit: Chick-fil-A South Coulter Facebook Page
credit: Chick-fil-A South Coulter Facebook Page

You can still get your breakfast and lunch like normal. If you really want to stop by for dinner you have a few options. You can get your food ordered and picked up before 4 pm. So a little early dinner.

You also can stop by another location of Chick-fil-A here in Amarillo. They have one inside of Westgate Mass so not too out of the way. You can also visit the one near. Tascosa Road - 5544 W Amarillo Blvd. There is also one located on Georgia Street at 2525 S Georgia.

So there are still plenty of options just know that you may have to plan early. Oh and if you drive by the one on Coulter after 4 pm and see that the parking lot is closed, don't worry.

They will be back open and ready to go for regular hours soon enough. Sometimes in business you have to make some difficult decisions and making sure to take care of their staff is concern number one.

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