It's inevitable, when you walk out into the alley to dump your trash in the dumpster, you are going to see an old TV, a couch, a big or a pile of tree branches or just something really random and big.  Sometimes these big items sit next to the dumpster for weeks becoming clutter and eyesores.  The City of Amarillo has put a plan in place to help with keeping the alleys in our city cleared.

old sofa discarded in an alley

Starting tomorrow, the City of Amarillo Public Works department will start to take care of bulky trash, brush/tree branches and other debris from your alleyways.  They have added resources to the crews that collect the trash.  These crews will now be responsible for removing all the trash they encounter.

By adding these additional resources, the public will no longer have to call the city to have the bulky items removed from alleyways.

However, if you do have large items to dispose of the department does ask you to request to have the items picked up from the curbside of your home.  This helps keep the alleyways clear so that the department vehicles can easily move through the alley.

As they put into place, they will have to work on the current alleyways that need to be cleared.  Once that list has been completed, they will be able to keep the alleyways clean and will clear on a two-month cycle.

The City requests all questions be directed to 806-378-6813. If you are needing curbside pick up of large items you can call the above number to schedule a pickup.

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