Even though it is a cheery time of the year for a lot of us it doesn’t keep the bad guys at home. I hate waking up to stories like this. The Grinch decided it was time to break into a store and rob almost half of their inventory. This is not good.
Things like this happens but let’s find the bad people and get their stuff back. Corbyn’s located at 2817 Civic Circle just off of Georgia got broken into overnight Sunday.
They got a lot of their inventory stolen. This is not how you reward small business owners when they need to be making money during the holiday season. They have already had a rough 2020 with the pandemic now someone is making it worse.
credit: Corbyn's Facebook Page
credit: Corbyn's Facebook Page
According to their Facebook page yesterday morning:
Happy Sunday to all of our loyal Corbyn’s customers. It is with a heavy heart that we share what happened to our store last night... the store was broken into and robbed of about half of our inventory. If you see any Vineyard Vines, Southern Tide, etc. floating around on marketplace, second-hand stores, or whatever it maybe, please send us a message!! We appreciate y’all greatly ❤️
So let’s find their stuff and find out who this grinch was that was responsible. If you see any of their stuff for safe in other places turn them in. Let's not lose our faith in the world and let's make this a Merry Christmas for everyone involved this year.


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