Delicious avocado's! They are another one of those super-foods we are told to eat. They are a healthy fat for you. Yum!

Well now they are going to put their money where their mouth is! Researchers are looking for about 250 people to take part in a new study.

We are going to find out if eating an avocado a day is as good for you as eating an apple a day.

Those who get to be a part of this study will get to eat one avocado a day for a whole 6 months. Another group will eat 2 a month for the same 6 months.

The best part about this study....besides finally knowing how healthy the avocado really knowing as part of the study you will get free avocados during that time-frame. You will also get paid $300 for your time. But heck how much time does it take to eat some yummy avocado?

To sign up for the study go to:

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