It’s a never ending battle! I want to continue eating healthy. It’s still almost 3 months into the new year with New Year goals!

I am still on a weight loss challenge that I still want to succeed with! I am almost 13 pounds down and want to continue.

Losing weight is hard! Especially if you work all the time. How does one continue and keep on the way to winning?

You have to food prep! It’s important to keep work to a minimum! I’m all for that!

How can you succeed? Buy a bunch of food at once and cook it to keep your meal cooking time to a minimum!

I went to Market Street and bought catfish fillets, salmon, chicken breasts, turkey meatloaf and stuffed hatch green chili’s. That is enough main meals for way over a week.

All I now have to do is cook those with brown rice, rice mashed potatoes and black beans, broccoli, Brussel Sprouts and green beans. It's a lot easier to eat healthy if you already have it prepared.

All it takes now is to dish up the food into single servings and be on the way to healthy meals. All I have to do is bring one for lunch and have one ready for dinner. Pop it in the microwave and my calories are there and kept to a minimum.  It’s easy. It really is! You just need to be open to it.




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