Apparently getting to sleep is really a problem for a lot of us. Now even the military is weighing in on a way that you can fall asleep in two minutes. Two minutes.....

Now this "secret method" was revealed back in a book....back when I never imagined sleep would be this hard to get.

So here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Relax your face...this includes your tongue, jaw, and even the muscles around your eyes.
  2. You then need to drop your shoulders as low as they can go. Next relax your at a time.
  3. Breathe out, and relax your chest.
  4. Relax your legs. Start first with your thighs and then your calves.
  5. This is important....picture yourself in a calm place. Where is that place? The beach? The mountains?
  6. If you are still not asleep then you need to repeat the phrase "don't think, don't think" over and over in your head.

Here is the trick to remember...that it may not work at first.....but the military has actually found that if you keep up with it (for at least 6 weeks) they have had a 96% success rate.

I may start trying this tonight! I need some real sleep! Four A.M. comes really early! How about you? Do you have trouble sleeping too?

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