We still have time this holiday season to pack on the weight. There are still New Years parties on the way. How can you avoid that inevitable weight gain?

I mean you want to seem gracious when you are out celebrating with friends..

There was a study done to show how you can avoid that gain. All it takes is for you to be mindful of your weight.

Yes, that seems simple, but it works. The study had one group that was asked to weight themselves twice a week and they were then given two lists.

One list told them how much they would have to exercise in order to burn off the different holiday foods they would be eating. The second list had some tips for maintaining a healthy weight.

Here is what happened....they had actually lost a little weight. Not a whole lot, but a quarter of a pound. The good news is they didn't end up gaining any of that holiday pudge.

There was a separate "control" group that was not given either of the lists. They also didn't weigh themselves over the time period. What was that outcome? Well they ended up gaining an average of a pound over the holidays. Still not that bad BUT they didn't lose any either.

So the takeaway is that if you are just mindful and keep an eye on your weight...and have some goals....you can actually lose weight. Keep a look out tomorrow for that list of tips for maintaining your healthy weight. That can really help you these next few weeks.

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