I feel that I spend way too much time at Market Street United. Some weekends I end up there at least twice. I joke to Matt, Edwards, their General Manager, that I should be on the payroll.

The Hatch Green Chile Fest is running out of time. So I go at least once every weekend and get a couple bags. I will snack on some chile's and put them on everything I eat that weekend. Then a few days later I will use my Food Saver to get them ready for the freezer.

I usually buy a bag of medium heat and a bag of hot. They come in mild, medium and hot. Or so I thought. Last weekend when I stopped by for the first time I saw THIS. Woah! I had to get a bag.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Do you see what that says? Here let me give you a better look.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

I had to take a second look. Extra Hot? That was a new one for me. I always wonder how they actually know the difference from a mild to an extra hot. Are there different seeds?

I just don't know. I knew that I needed to try them. So I grabbed a bag. The lady actually asked me if I was sure. So that scared me a little. I, though, continued with my bag and headed into the store.

After I got my shopping done I headed home and had to try them. They were good. I don't know that they burned me bad. They had a great flavor. I added them to my burger and my cheese fries for dinner.

It was a good day. Hatch Green Chile Fest is about to come to an end. So I would most definitely head to United Supermarkets, Market Street United or Amigos this weekend. Don't miss out on this wonderful time. Oh and try the Extra Hot, if you dare.