We are a little over a week away from Thanksgiving. Oh and then the whole Christmas season. There will be food everywhere!

We have been basically pretty good all year. What do we tend to do? Do we give up?

According to a new survey that is exactly what 45% of Americans say they are going to do for the rest  of the year. They plan to just eat and drink whatever they want. The plan? To deal with it all in 2019.

Luckily in January we have that giant "Do Over" called the New Years Resolution. The time to try to undo some of the damage we do this next month and a half.

It seems that six is the magical number. That is how many pounds over the holiday season that the average person will gain. It's hard to do but 12% will actually make it through without gaining any weight.

Exercise? Nope. It seems that over half of us will stop doing that regularly during the holiday season.

If that is not bad enough. We will overeat on 13 different days between Thanksgiving and January 1st.

If this all seems like this could be you. Don't worry. You are not alone. Do the best that you can and know you always have the beginning of the year to start again. Good Luck!

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