A survey by the makers of the app Shopitize reveals that 12.5% of people have given out their number while food shopping. Read on for other findings. 

Forget dating websites or meat-market clubs.  The grocery store may be your best bet to find a mate.

  • 20% of people feel a grocery store is a good place to meet someone
  • 2% of people have married someone they met in a grocery store
  • 63% of people are more attracted to someone, who shares similar shopping and eating habits
  • Women looking for men should shop on Saturday
  • Men looking for women should shop on Tuesday
  • 25% of people say a person's basket/cart is a good indicator of their personality

According to EHarmony.com, here's some great pickup lines to use next time you shop:

1. “Let me help you with that.“ Let's say you're tall and there's a cute girl/guy in aisle 6.  She can't reach the top shelf, offer your services. If he/she looks a little lost, launch into salesperson mode, with a twinkle in your eye: “Can I help you?”

2. “The expiration date says ‘best if used by tonight.’ Can I make you dinner?” Get ready for a laugh. Besides, that cute stranger you’re flirting with takes you up on your offer. Be prepared to cook.

3. The best pickup lines are harmless and fun: “Do you know if they sell organic Oreos?”

Get more of these by going to eharmony.com.