Let me tell you that I am not one to get up early on a Saturday or Sunday. I get up every weekday at 4 am. So let's just say it takes something special to get me up early on a weekend.

This Saturday is just the event. You can come join me in Downtown Amarillo for the More Than Pink Walk. Everything and everyone will be wearing their pink and you can join me. This is all to benefit the Susan G Komen Foundation.

It's a lot of fun. You will see tons of people you know. I promise.

Now here is the thing. It takes money to put an end to breast cancer. It takes money for treatments, for research, for supplies, for well just about everything. So here is where I ask you to pay $20 and join my team. Or if you just can't get out of bed on Saturday BUT you still want to say NO to cancer. You can donate to my team.

We are trying to raise $500. We would love for you to give anything. You have $1 to help? Great! $5? OK. The more, of course the merrier, but really every dollar raised will be used to end this terrible illness.

Click HERE to join my team "Melissa's Mammogram Maniacs" or just donate. I would love to meet you and get to have that fun walk Saturday morning. We are going to have so much fun! So come and join us.


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