You have plans to head to the airport for vacation. First you have to put all your liquids in a ziplock. Oh they will want to see your laptop.

Don't forget you have to take off your belt. Oh, and your shoes! Do you hate all of those restrictions? It can be a pain. It really can. There is a way you can avoid all of that. Are you up for it? I mean it will save so many headaches.

You can get yourself TSA Pre Checked. Did you know that? If you go through the process you will be able to wiz on through the TSA Checkpoints. Less headache and admit it you will feel a bit on the special side.

Here is how you can do that easily. There is a temporary enrollment center RV located at Rick Husband International Airport right now. They will be there Mondays through Fridays until next Friday (the 19th).

The RV is parked just outside the main airport entrance. Hurry don't miss out on this. Appointment times are from 9 am and 5 pm.

There are more than 200 airports and 50 airlines that will not make you take off your shoes if you go through the process.

If you think this is heavenly and you don't want to have the added stress at the airport you can start the process HERE!

Once you get yourself registered you need to select AMA - Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport as your enrollment location and then just select an available time. You will need proof of identity (driver's license) and U.S. citizenship (birth certificate or passport).

Once you get enrolled you will just go to Rick Husband International Airport for your appointment. For the $85 fee (this fee can be paid by credit card, money order, company check or certified cashier's check. NO cash or personal checks) you can enjoy a whole 5 years of blissful travel.

I am going to check this out now!



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