We are all hoping to retire at 65. Even before if we can. Some work a little longer or even take up volunteering.

The more you get out and do the better you feel. At what age though does one start feeling 65? Is it way before? I mean I think once I turned 40 everything started to hurt a little more.

My eyes started to give up on me too. It is a cruel joke that life plays on us. There is some good news though.

The average American does feel younger that they really are. They do. The downside though is that it is not by much really.

In a recent survey Americans start feeling 65 by the time they turn 68. So that is some good news.

Unfortunately people who live in other countries beat us. In Japan and Switzerland, according to the same survey, the average person doesn't feel 65 until they hit 76. Wow!

That got me to thinking about becoming a senior citizen. When does that happen? In another survey they say it is somewhere between 60 and 70.

No matter when those discounts start to kick in. What do you think? Do you feel your age? Or do you feel younger too?



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