You make it to the middle of the afternoon and you're just dragging. You usually reach for a candy bar to get you over that mid afternoon drain.

Is that a good idea? I mean we know you are not you when you are hungry or at this point hangry. Will that candy bar help or hurt you in the long run?

According to a new study you are better off not eating that sugar. You are better off running outside for a little fresh air to get you through the day.

It turns out that the so called positive effect of a sugar rush could all be a myth. Apparently grabbing a chocolate bar and hoping it will get you through to 5 pm won't really help you. It might even, actually make you feel worse.

That sugar rush you encounter actually ends up making you feel more tired and less alert within one hour of enjoying that candy bar. So it is just not worth it. It also ends up not having any effect on your mood at all.

It doesn't even matter how much sugar you have. It will not help your mood at all. So if you think you need something sweet to stay awake during that late afternoon meeting. It won't really help you.

Maybe grab an apple! They give you a much healthier boost of energy with little calories! It's a win win situation.

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