Today is a day to rejoice for us optimists. It is the first day of spring. We have nothing but goodness ahead of us!

Do you feel that way? Do you look at this as a new beginning? A time to change things if you want?

Spring Cleaning is a thing because it is a time to give a new beginning to your home. Start fresh! Empty the trash. Some people even decide now is the time to give your house an extreme makeover. De-clutter even!

The best part is that 66% of happy couples share household chores such as cooking, cleaning and laundry. So the family that cleans together stays together. Remember that!

New season and even a new you. People are three times more likely to start a new diet or fitness routine at this time of year. Their thinking is they are running out of time to get swim suit ready.

So if you are thinking about making some changes. Now may be the perfect time. Maybe it will be easier to have the motivation you need to succeed.

Today is also "National Kick Butts Day"! That does not mean to go out and start a fight. Nope it's more about kicking that bad habit you may have. Smoking! We all know it is bad for you.

A survey has found that two thirds of smokers have tried to quit on average 4 times. The main reasons they went back were stress, being around other smokers and a lack of support.

So if you or someone you know seriously wants to quit. You need to either be the support they need.....or you need to look for that support system yourself. Besides the health benefits of kicking the habit. Just think of all the money you will be saving!

You know how expensive cigarettes are......why don't you take the money you would be spending each time on a pack, and throw that in a jar. Or better yet a savings account. In a years time see how much money you have saved. This is the time to reward yourself and do something nice for yourself. Maybe take a nice trip somewhere. You deserve it!

So what can you change about yourself this spring? What do you look forward to the most at this time of year? Comment below!




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