Having kids has got to be one of the most rewarding thing you can do. It can also be the hardest. There is no clear set of tips to raise them better.

You do the best you can. You really do. There are some things that may not be so obvious that you should avoid saying to them.

You should avoid telling them that you are on a diet. Kids look up to you. They also look to you to feel good about themselves. If they hear that you don't like your body. Well that could get them looking more at themselves. You don't want them to have body issues. So if you want to give them more positive thoughts you should talk about portion control, healthy eating and exercise. You want them to learn more the positive side not the word "diet"!

You should not tell them that they are the smartest. Yes, they want to feel smart. That is OK to say. You don't want them to think that since they are the smartest well heck why bother studying. You want them to work for everything. They need to have a strong work ethic. That is more important than brains in the long run. Plus the harder you work for something the smarter you are.

You can tell your child that they are amazing...just don't overuse it. If you do then it won't mean as much. I mean if they do well on a test. It is OK to reward them and compliment them. Just don't use it for small things. You don't want that to seem undeserved.

You should never tell your child to leave you alone. We, as parents, need to look for gentler ways to say stuff, especially with the kiddos. If you are at your wits ends it is OK to put yourself in a time-out. That seems a lot nicer.

So think about things before you say them. Kids can bounce back but there are some things you don't want them to have to hear. Is there anything else you would add to this list? Comment below.

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