Do you find yourself in the grocery store debating on whether to buy the natural or organic meats over the regular meats.  If you have found yourself in this debacle.  Here are a few truths and myths about Natural and Organic meats from


#1.)  Meat That's Labeled "Natural" Has Fewer Hormones and Antibiotics:  False. The term "natural" just means it doesn't have any additives or preservatives.  And even then, the USDA lets companies add salt-based broth to pork and poultry.

#2.)  Grass-Fed Meat Is Healthier for You:  True. Grass-fed beef comes from cows that are only fed their mother's milk when they're babies, then grass the rest of their lives.

And research has shown that grass-fed beef has more healthy omega-3 fats than the beef from cows that eat grain.

#3.)  "Certified Humane" Is the Same as "Organic":  False. If meat is labeled "Certified Humane", it means they didn't use antibiotics or growth hormones, and the animal wasn't kept in a cage.  But it doesn't follow ALL the standards of "organic" meat.

#4.)  Buying Organic Meat Is Good for the Environment:  True. Organic meat doesn't have any antibiotics or hormones, which can leak into the ground and end up in our drinking water.

Plus, everything the animals eat is organic, which means it's not treated with pesticides.

#5.)  Buying Organic Chicken Is a Good Way to Avoid Unnecessary Hormones:  False. You don't have to worry about hormones in poultry or pork because it was banned in 1959.  But the USDA still allows hormone use in cows.

I do have to admit, I bought some organic chicken the other day and cooked it and it was the best tasting chicken I have had in a long time. 

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