Yes it's a funny word.....Quinoa. I have a friend who ordered it once and pronounced it Kin-oh-a. We all that was cute.

Pronounced's a food you need to become familiar with.

What actually is quinoa? Well it is a seed that comes from a plant related to the spinach and chard family. It comes in three main varieties: white, red, and black. Each option is equally healthy and delicious!

So why has quinoa become so popular? Since it is technically not a grain it contains no gluten. It is also packed with virtually every amino acid our body needs and rich in protein. Since it is high in protein it makes quinoa filling so it will prevent cravings in between meals.

So now that you know some of the health benefits it is time to add it to your diet. There are many ways to sneak it in...add it to your oatmeal....salads....or just eat as a side dish. You can find it in the store in the same aisle as rice and pasta. It takes no time to fix....but will be something you want to take the time to eat!

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