We are a couple weeks into the paid parking situation in Downtown Amarillo. I never in a million years knew my first post would receive such great attention.

In case you missed it! Click here Parking Saga Round One

I received a lot of comments from people who agreed with me. Oh and several who did not. Here are some of my favorites.

Tish Rollo I do not live in Amarillo, but that is outrageous! It costs you $40 a week to go to work not to mention the time you have to keep going down to move your car. $40 a week is $160+ a month! That's ridiculous.


Laynelle Cherba So you only have to pay for parking in those area m-f 8-5? That is absolutely absurd, they need to reverse that! What on earth is going on in this town!


Darla Denham StarbuckThat really doesn't make sense. It would seem they would want to make money on the events held there in the evenings


Alma J Carroll In a big city, parking is validated by the restaurant/business you are doing business with. I doubt that will be the case here. If you have employees/business they shouldn't have to pay parking fees.


Summer L. Nelson-Lea My first thought was our customers, especially our elderly customers who Don't use phone apps. Apparently handicap tags, disabled Veteran tags and government vehicles don't have to pay. How are they supposed to know? I'll be communicating the parking details to my older customers if and when they come downtown. Fortunately Happy State has been working on the parking garage and I've noticed have tried to make some parking spaces available for customers in the garage. Just sucks there are no places on at least one of the side streets next to the bank! It doesn't make sense to only have 8-5, weekends are no charge, after hours no charge. I hate that our customers and the clients and customers of the other businesses (lawfirms, restaurant, barbershop and investment company) in our building are having to figure this out. What a mess!

Oh, and here are the ones who do not agree. I am all good with this being America. They have the right to be wrong. LOL. I'm just kidding here (a little)

Justin Tyme Newsflash dear... you have to pay to park your car and almost every single City in this country but employers reimburse their employees so why don't you go talk to the people over there at next media
        Melissa Bartlett  I get that. What I am saying is that they only charge  during work hours. They are not charging at night or weekends when people will be downtown to eat and watch baseball. That is my complaint. Plus this is Amarillo. LOL
Justin Tyme  Melissa Bartlett that does seem dumb as hell

 Zivorad Filipovic I get where you are coming from but we can't move backwards, Amarillo has been behind for way too long and every single city I have been to charges during the day and usually during the night they don't because they want people to come downtown and it should be open parking. I think the city council and everyone who is currently elected are doing a much better job then the council before them did and kept us delayed etc. I think it is a good thing for the city, but companies need to figure that out for their employees or reimburse for the parking.

I just wish the rules to downtown parking were consistent. Charge for parking all the time or not at all. Or maybe offer a flat fee for employees in Downtown Amarillo. Just a few suggestions. I'm not against growth. Just make it make sense. Please!

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