I went grocery shopping the other day. I always make sure when I have produce on my shopping list that United is my go-to place. I am never disappointed with my purchase. My daughter wanted to stop and get some fruit before she headed home.

We walked in and started checking things off her list. We picked up some bananas, some grapes, some blueberries and finally some raspberries. I noticed their display of peaches.

Oh they looked good. Oh and you could smell the sweet peach scent as well. So even though they were not on the list we grabbed  some as well. These peaches came from The Orchard in Idalou, TX. Idalou is just outside of Lubbock.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

I had no idea that Idalou is a great place to get your peaches from but they were. Oh my goodness. These were some of the juiciest peaches I have ever had. I had to eat them over the sink. That is the sign of a juicy peach.

I would have never imagined that peaches like these could come from somewhere so close. What was great also is checking out The Orchard and know that outside of Lubbock not only do they grow great peaches but apples too.

So I just know every time I stop back at Market Street I will have to replenish my house with some of the best peaches I have had in forever. Or really I will have to actually change that to almost ever.

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