I still remember that day like it was yesterday. I walked into Canyon Junior High as a 7th grader from Chicago, Illinois. My only concern was that my sister would be safe. We grew up as being part of a private Catholic School so I had NO idea how my future would be. I only wanted my little sister safer in public school.

I had no idea about the legacy I was about to walk into. I wanted to play sports SO bad. I was so athletic. I was though part of a "custodial" kidnapping situation so I was SO not allowed.

I kind of knew I was missing out on greatness. Would I have played basketball? Probably. All my close classmates did. I was part of the senior class of  Canyon 1991! Yep already years into Joe Lombard's dynasty. I am just sad being on the outside looking in when I really didn't have to be.

I so should have been part of his team. I knew if I had a Social Security number entering school in Canyon I would have so been in! I would have tried out and probably made the team. Sorry again I was SO athletic.

I hate that Joe Lombard is retiring. He has done SO much:

credit:: KAMR Facebook
credit:: KAMR Facebook

Then here comes today and the end of a dynasty. How could Joe be hanging up his shoes? I get it. He so made Canyon sports what it is. I promise you that.

Let me just me tell you. I have had many great times in Canyon. Dave Yirak was the reason I got into radio. I promise you that. I also spent way too many years in Chicago being an athlete. So that I never got to expand makes me sad.....still this Chicago girl wishes she could have played for greatness.

I mean he has such a great record Lombard retires with an astonishing overall record of 1,379-133. He claimed 19 state championships as a head coach. He won 13 titles in his time at Canyon, and 6 while coaching in Nazareth.

Only 133 losses? How is that possible? This guy really is a part of my past! Really!



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