We all have those days. They bring donuts in to work, or cupcakes and you don't just take one. They were SO good you have 2 or 3.

You regret that right away because Ugh you feel terrible now.

This is when we try to do something healthy to try to make up for it. In hopes that we don't feel so bad.

According to a survey here are those healthy things we do to help us feel healthy.

We try to eat some extra fruits and vegetables and try to eat less sugar. We even go and buy more fruits and vegetables...even if we don't necessarily eat them.

We start to take the stairs instead of the elevator. We tend to then carry around a reusable water bottle so that you will drink more water.

Another thing that made the list is you will start planning out your meals or even meal prepping.

So even if you go off the charts some time....there are things you can do to try to over correct. Just don't give up.

According to this survey they also found the average person doesn't really start taking their health seriously until around the age of 41. Even then there is usually a reason, like a health scare.


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