It seems like this has been in discussion for a while. Oh, and it has because just like everything in 2020 Covid has delayed a lot. Of course there was not a lot of travel last year so you got a little longer to be compliant.

If you want to head to Rick Husband International and jump on a flight anywhere you will soon need that Real ID. If not you are staying here in Amarillo. You will need to be compliant to go visit anyone. It was supposed to be a real deal back this past October. They are giving you more time.

According to the Texas DPS website about the Real ID a deadline is approaching:

Beginning October 1, 2021, only state-issued driver licenses and identification cards that are fully compliant with the REAL ID Act will be accepted for official federal government purposes, such as entering secure federal buildings or boarding domestic flights.

All Texas driver licenses and identification cards, both compliant (star) and non-compliant (no star) are valid until the expiration date shown on the card. If you replaced or renewed your card after October 10, 2016, and have a gold star in the right-hand corner, your card is REAL ID compliant and no further action is required on your part. You may continue to use your compliant card for federal identification purposes until it expires.

You may be able to just go online and get a replacement license as long as yours is not expired. That is what I did. It worked and they sent me my license with the yellow star I needed. No trip to the DPS. That is your easiest fix. So get compliant by October 1st so you can guarantee that you can go on a fun vacation this year.

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