Here it comes.....that time of the year. A decision has to be made. What should I give up for Lent? Of course, Lent starts tomorrow.

When I was little, it was easy. I would give up candy, maybe Cokes. OK....maybe it wasn't easy giving that stuff up for 40 days, but it was easier to find something. Over the years I have either given up something or vowed to do something.

One year I had the plans to do 50 burpees a day. I hate burpees. I mean who doesn't? Other year's I had more traditional Lenten sacrifices

One year, my daughter and I gave up french fries. Right before Lent started, we went to Red Robin to partake in their all-you-can-eat fries. We told them why we were ordering so much. They understood and kept bringing them.

I don't really eat a lot of fries that is not really an option.

One year my daughter and I gave up desserts. That was a tough year because we were frequently traveling for club volleyball. Everyone was getting dessert at dinner. Not us.

These days I don't eat many that is not an option this year either. So I am still at a loss.

One year, I even gave up energy drinks. Now to be honest with you I drank A LOT of Rockstars. I never really needed the energy boost. I just really liked the taste. I, though, noticed that my heart rate went really up! Oh, and when I didn't drink one I would get horrible headaches. So I needed to give them up. After I got through a week or so it wasn't so tough. I never went back.

This year, I just don't know. I am still going strong on my New Year’s Resolution, so I already gave up all the bad-for-me-foods, for the most part. So that is not an option. I work all the time so I just don't know. I am running out of time to decide just what. Maybe I will give up fast food this year. When I do stray from my diet, I love me a trip to get something not-so-good for me. So maybe I will go that route.

That one was tough on me last year but that is what Lent is all about. Deciding to give up something that is NOT easy for you is the goal. So a trip or two for fast food may be what it is unless I come up with a better option and SOON.

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