Part of my morning ritual is absorbing news. This morning I absorbed the news that strange things are afoot at the Amarillo Globe Twitter account.

Credit: Twitter, Amarillo Globe

I feel a bit like Tom Waits asking, "What's he building in there?" Staring at my screen, my imagination runs wild with grand conspiracies of Russian hackers, political dissidents, and maybe a dash of Jason Bourne.

Traffic from the Globe's Twitter account recently started slowing a bit. Usually, there were a few news stories, some kind of editorial or letter, and local feel-good stories.

Could it be that the account got hacked and was sending salacious messages to unsuspecting retirees during their morning coffee? Modern society looks down on sending someone's nanna obscene advertisements for deeds better left in the shadows.

Could it be they published a story about someone that inspired the individual to report the account in an attempt to silence the local media? Was it possibly the non-stop barrage of messages from May 24?

Credit: Twitter, Amarillo Globe

The last tweets sent out by Amarillo Globe are all regarding the Panhandle Sports Awards. The tweets were May 24, and they came on like a flood. Maybe someone who got looked over for an award decided to get even. Maybe the captain of some high school chess club no one knew existed decided to make a name for him or her self. Maybe the sheer volume of tweets was too much for Twitter to handle, and thus Amarillo Globe was sent to time-out.

No stranger to being placed in social media exile myself, I wish the Amarillo Globe all the best and hope that whatever is going on gets sorted sooner rather than later.

This isn't meant to be a slight, and I mean no offense. I check that Twitter feed daily. Honestly, if you don't follow them (and given that this all gets sorted), you should.