If you are one of those who like to get on social media to complain about our city here is your chance. Oh I see a lot of people who like to do just that. Here is your chance. I mean put your money where your mouth is for the upcoming election.

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If you don't like something why don't you make a difference? Now is your chance to actually run for office. Time, though, is running out. You have until the close of business on Friday to file your application. So, instead of complaining go ahead and see if you can do better.

Here is who decided to do just that so far. This can still change. I mean if you go ahead and put your name on the ballot we would love to have you.

Ginger Nelson (i)
Michael Hunt
Carl Karas
Claudette Smith
City Council Place 1
Hobert "Gunny" Brown
Cole Stanley
Jason Tillery
City Council Place 2
Freda Powell (i)
Jason Foglesong
City Council Place 3
Eddy Sauer (i)
Tom Scherlen
City Council Place 4
Howard Smith (i)
Sharyn Delgado
Ali Ramos
So, as the deadline is fast approaching come on and make a difference. You can do more than just complain. If you don't put your name on the ballot to try to make a difference then don't complain. Oh and also don't forget to get out and vote on May 1st. Another day that you can make your voice heard here in Amarillo for sure.
To go ahead and get on the ballot stop by
City of Amarillo
City Secretary
601 South Buchanan Room 303
Amarillo TX 79101
You can stop by 8 am until 5 pm the rest of this week but Friday at 5 pm is the cutoff.


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