I have always said that spring and summer were my favorite times of the year. Something about the bright sunshine just made me feel happier.

Turns out I am not alone. There has been a study of about 2,000 people and they agree that this time of year, you know the time with the cold temperatures, actually make people more depressed.

Winter ends up being bad for your health and your appearance. These cold and dark time of the year shows an increase in illnesses too. Do you feel less motivated at this time of year? You are not alone.

Your energy is out the window at this time of year. Oh and just getting out of bed can hurt. The colder weather wreaks havoc on your joints and muscles.

This same study also shows that we turn to more comfort foods this time of year. So that means we end up putting on weight. We tend to eat more fast food and drink less water. That can make us feel even more depressed.

So this winter knows that this time of year does tend to make us a bit un-happier but you can change that. Go out of your way to enjoy the season. You need to also get out as much as you can to avoid getting sick.

Just know that spring and summer will be here before you know it!

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