Happiness really is the key to life. Leading a fun and healthy life starts with just being a bit on the happy side. It seems with all that 2020 has thrown at us so far that finding that happiness is a little more challenging.

Well that is really not all that true. We just have to look for those little wins in life that put that smile on your face. Is there really any other better feeling than a cancelled meeting? I mean that is definitely something that can put a smile on your face.

There are a lot of other things we can look for in life that brings us joy. How about seeing someone you haven't seen in forever. There are a lot of people this year that we haven't seen in forever. So if you run into them at a store or anywhere. It's just like a sense of normalcy. Now you may feel comfortable to give them a big hug, maybe not, but just seeing them helps the joy.

How about grabbing a lite jacket out of the closet and finding money in the pocket. Have you ever done that? It's kind of hard not to feel a bit on the happy side. Found money is always good even if it was once your lost money.

Is there really any better day than that day you take the sheets off your bed and wash all your bedding? How great does that feel when you finally get the bed all made again. Oh that feeling of crawling in a nicely, freshly made bed. Oh that is just pure heaven.

One of my favorite things to do is just step outside and feel that sun hitting my face. It always improves my happiness. That little bit of Vitamin D sure seems to improve my mood. Whether you can take just a couple breaks like that right now or not. Try to. Working from home has had its benefits. My dog needs to go outside and when she goes out I go and stand on the porch with her.

She gets her potty break and I get my sunshine break. If you are in the office try to get away for a couple minutes. Go outside. Walk in the parking lot or around the building. Get that mental break too.

What other small things bring you joy? Comment below.


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